Een selectie van alle VOOM sportvoedingsrepen met één eiwitreep en drie snelwerkende repen op basis van glucose.

Veganistisch? Onze Vegan Energy Bar optie bevat een extra Electro Energy als alternatief voor de Recover Fudge eiwitreep.

  • Batch tested Drug Free Sport


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€ 6.95

Pocket Rocket
How It Works

The Pocket Rocket Electro Energy bar offers fast-acting energy to keep you on the move. With twice the power of an energy gel it also has electrolytes to aid hydration and avoid cramp as well as B-Vitamins to help energy delivery and reduce fatigue.

The Caffeine Kick is perfect to give you that extra boost for a difficult section of the course or the final push for home as well as boost focus and concentration.

The Beta Blast is ideal for pre-workout or high intensity sessions or competition as it helps buffer against lactic acid and allows you to push even hard to reach your goals.


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