Hydratisiert bleiben

Auf dem Rad, im Fitnessstudio, auf dem Rasen oder in den Hügeln.

  • Passt auf Standard-Fahrradflaschenhalter.
  • Leicht zu greifen, zu befüllen und zu reinigen.
  • Verdeckventil.
  • Geruchsneutral und auslaufsicher.
  • Spülmaschinenfest und BPA-frei.
  • 100% biologisch abbaubar, aus Kunststoff auf Maisbasis.
  • Einfach hinzufügen VOOM Hydrate Smart .
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€ 3.95


Perfect fit for standard bicycle bottle cages so you can easily and securely carry it when out cycling the roads or trails.

Easy to grip and squeeze makes for a comfortable and safe hold, ensuring you can stay focused on your activity and get the drink you need without stress.

It can be recycled with plastic bottles or will biodegrade in landfill or even in home compost bins.

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VOOM Loves Nature

To make a positive contribution to the environment and help reduce disposable, single-use plastic, all our bottles are made with ‘nature-friendly’, biodegradable materials.  

Biodegradable polyethylene from sugarcane will decompose in your home-compost bin and in landfill, or you can put it in the plastics bin to be 100% recycled. 

Please play your part and do your best to 'REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE'.

Flasche 500ml Biologisch abbaubar

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