Proefpakket! Energie repen

wice the power of a gel, in a unique 4 block design to aid stomach comfort. 45g of carbs & 176kcal in each energy bar with a melt in the mouth texture. 

gluten free

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€ 6.95

Pocket Rocket
How It Works

The Pocket Rocket Electro Energy bar offers fast-acting energy to keep you on the move. With twice the power of an energy gel it also has electrolytes to aid hydration and avoid cramp as well as B-Vitamins to help energy delivery and reduce fatigue.

The Caffeine Kick is perfect to give you that extra boost for a difficult section of the course or the final push for home as well as boost focus and concentration.

The Beta Blast is ideal for pre-workout or high intensity sessions or competition as it helps buffer against lactic acid and allows you to push even hard to reach your goals.


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