Geert Loopt 1.000 Kilometer In 30 Dagen!

Kjell Postema

Geert van Nispen walks 1,000 kilometers in 30 days!

VOOM supported (sporting) ambitions!

"Geert van Nispen runs 1,000 kilometers in 30 days. He is doing this to raise awareness for Parkinson's, the disease his mother suffers from."

When we at TeamVOOM heard this news we immediately contacted Geert to ask how we could help him with this (sporting) challenge and ambition. Because how nice is it when we can and may support such a fantastic, unique and remarkable challenge from our core business and our knowledge and network!

Geert was very pleased with our gesture. By phone and email the first supporting agreements were made and put in motion and Geert could start his challenge. Of course we sent Geert our sports nutrition and recovery products, but we are just as happy to help him achieve the reason why he is undertaking this sportive feat of endurance; Raising awareness for Parkinson's disease! (duly noted!)

Parkinson( is a debilitating disease for which there is still no cure. So actually 'drawing attention to...' is simply raising money as well! Preferably as much as possible, so the research for a cure can continue. With a wet finger Geert had initially set his goal at € 5,000, -. After just over a week, that goal has already been reached and he has adjusted it upwards: On to € 10.000,-!

Geert has good days and bad days in his sporting challenge. On average, he will have to run about 33 kilometres per day for 30 days. Not on paved roads, but trails! Most of the time he walks more, 50 kilometres is no exception. But there are also rest days, although he still walks 20 to 25 kilometers on such a 'rest day'.

This does something to your body; healthy balanced food and good sleep is a must, otherwise you can't keep it up.

We spoke to Geert in the Doornse Gat. It was day 10 of the challenge and Geert looked surprisingly fresh and full of good spirits. He had already passed the 300 kilometre mark and, thanks to some unplanned detours, he ended up cycling 60 (!) kilometres today on the route Rhenen - Doorn - Rhenen.

Why this challenge? The answer is stunningly simple: "Because I'm good at running and I like it". Geert runs many trailruns and also often long distances, but 1,000 km is really special. The first 15 days are almost over, 15 more to go! Good luck and keep going!

We hope to see you at the finish on Sunday 12 December! And please let us know if we can help you with anything else, we'll be glad to do so!

Do you want to help Geert too? Deposit a nice amount on his crowdfunding website and be together with Geert and TeamVOOM part of this beautiful journey!

More information about Geert and this challenge? Then you can follow his blog on his own website:

On to € 10.000,-!

On behalf of Geert, his mother and especially ParkinsonNL, thank you very much for your support!

If you have a notable sporting challenge for the charity, you can always contact TeamVOOM to see how we can help you achieve your sporting goal as well.